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Does that really work? What can I expect?
Tooth Whitening
onuge Bright White-Strips have been intensively tested. A whitening of the teeth could be detected by up to 4 levels.

Of course onuge Bright White-Strips are not a "magic product". The success depends heavily on the particular tooth substance of the user and their consumption behavior. We can not promise a "Hollywood Smile", if you had previously severely yellowed teeth.

Many users see first, smaller successes right after 2 - 3 days. Others only at the end of the 14-day application. Each user has an individual desired color. You have to wait until the end of the 14-day application before the result can be judged.

Not every whitening result is the same. In some cases, users simply do not notice the small daily changes. This is similar to the tanning effect.

Our tip: take pictures before-after! Note that the lighting conditions are always identical.
How long does the result last?
Tooth Whitening
This depends on individual factors. (For example general tooth structure, consumption of tooth-coloring products/foods, etc.) Some of our customers even use the onuge Bright White-Strips only once a year.

Our recommendation for a permanently white smile: Repeat application every 3-4 months.
Is my tooth enamel or gum damaged by the application?
Tooth Whitening
Our onuge Bright White-Strips are subject to the strict EU guidelines. Neither enamel nor gums will be damaged if used properly.

All ingredients were, referred to the Cosmetic Product Safety Report for human health, under normal and reasonably foreseeable use, based on Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 for cosmetic products, rated as safe.

Nevertheless, put the White-Strips in such a way that there is as little contact to the gums as possible.
Can the strips be used despite retainers or crooked teeth?
Tooth Whitening
Yes. The use of onuge Bright White-Strips is no problem with retainer and also works with crooked teeth.
Can you use the stripes despite dental jewelery?
Tooth Whitening
Unfortunately, we can not give you a flat-rate answer. Whether you can apply the Bright White Strips depends on the material of the juwelery.

There have been no customer complaints so far.

If necessary, ask the dentist who has attached your dental jewelery.
Do the strips also work on dead, root-treated or artificial teeth or dentures, crowns or fillings?
Tooth Whitening
No. onuge Bright White-Strips only work on real teeth. Fillings or dentures are not lightened. If there are dead or root-treated teeth, fillings or dentures in your front, visible row of teeth, we advise against using it. The application is not a problem in the invisible area (lateral teeth/molars).

Teeth that have become dark due to a root canal treatment can only be lightened by a dentist.

Your crowns or fillings should not be damaged if they are properly seated (no leaking crown margins). However, we recommend consulting with your dentist if necessary.
When should I apply the strips?
Tooth Whitening
We recommend using the onuge Bright White-Strips after the last meal as you will probably stop eating and drinking.

The teeth must be clean, but not brushed immediately before use. It is sufficient to rinse the mouth with water before use and then dab the teeth dry (e.g., with a kitchen roll) to better adhere the strips.
Can I used the stripes overnight (sleep with)?
Tooth Whitening
No. onuge Bright White-Strips must be removed after 1 hour.
Smoking, fruits or coffee during or after use?
Tooth Whitening
2 hours after the application it is possible to eat and drink (water carefully during the application).

For an optimal whitening result you should avoid the consumption of coloring products (e.g. cigarettes, coffee, tea, red wine, berries, etc.) during the 14-day application.

You can of course consume these products, but this will affect the result.
White spots on the teeth after application. What to do?
Tooth Whitening
You got white spots on your teeth? Do not worry, because that's quite normal. You can continue with the application normally.

The teeth initially react differently to teeth whitening products. The use of the onuge Bright White-Strips should be performed daily, the full 14 days, to be able to judge the final result.

For explanation: The tooth whitening removes water and if necessary minerals from the teeth. This can lead to a short-term demineralization and thus to temporary white spots on the teeth. The teeth absorb the water in the following days, so that the spots disappear.

Remineralisation can be supported of special gels, e.g. elmex Gelée. Elmex Gelée, however, should not be used after each strip, but only after the last one (once a week). If you are still unsure, ask your dentist.
Pain after the application. What to do?
Tooth Whitening
With sensitive teeth start with 15 - 30 min. per application and increase slowly.

Hypersensitivity of the teeth may result in mild pain after use.The cause is the tooth substance of the respective user, e.g. (already) damaged tooth enamel or exposed tooth necks.

If the pain does not disappear, stop the use. If necessary consult with your dentist. Similar problems probably arise in other teeth whitening methods as well.

Desensitization can be supported of special gels, e.g. elmex Gelée, after the last application. Elmex Gelée, however, should not be used after each strip, but only after the last one (once a week).

Can I swallow my saliva during the application?
Tooth Whitening
Yes. The saliva can in principle be swallowed during the application.
Application was forgotten one day. Is that bad?
Tooth Whitening
onuge Bright White-Strips should be used once a day for 1 hour. However, it is not so bad if you have a day off.

Just continue the application the next day.
Do the strips dissolve in the mouth or do I have to remove them?
Tooth Whitening
onuge Bright White-Strips are disposable products.

The whitening strips must be removed from the teeth within 1 hour at the latest and disposed of.

If there are problems removing the strips, just moisten them with plenty of water.
Strips are difficult to detach from the teeth after use?
Tooth Whitening
If you can not peel the onuge Bright White-Strips well off your teeth, absorb plenty of water with your mouth and let the water soak in the streaks.They should be better detached.

Why it is like that?

Since 10/2016 we have introduced a new product series.The new white strips use a dry-gel formula. So we do not use sticky/moist gel anymore, but a kind of "dry gel".

This Dry-Gel formula prevents the bleaching-gel from dissolving too quickly by the saliva, which improves the lightening result. It may happen that the strips stick much more to the teeth than our previous products.
Are the strips dried up? They are not sticky!
Tooth Whitening
Since 10/2016 we have introduced a new product series. The new onuge Bright White-Strips use a completely new dry-gel formula. So we do not use sticky/moist gel anymore, but a kind of "dry gel".

This dry-gel formula prevents the bleaching-gel from dissolving too quickly by the saliva, which improves the lightening result.

If the strips do not stick very tightly to the carrier foil, this is neither a defect nor an indication that the strips have dried out. This is normal and only due to the temperature.

The effect is not affected from that.
What’s the difference with other whitening strips?
Tooth Whitening
Since 10/2016 there is only one, on our official website shown, German original product. Our product is always sealed, delivered with German packaging and German instructions for use.

Other products (generally from foreign traders) that are similar in look or call will be released without our approval, offered with a different formula and other ingredients. These offers are neither licensed nor tested for the German market. We can not take any responsibility for these products and advise against buying. Incidentally, these offers can be immediately recognized by the fact that the outer packaging and the instructions for use are in English only.

Legal action has already been taken against these offers.
How can I pay?
The following payment methods are available:

  • Payment in advance by bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card*
  • Debit*
  • on Bill*
  • Amazon-Payments

  • When paying in advance, be sure to include the order number in the payment subject so we can correctly match your payment.

    *Testing and approval is directly through Paypal. Use is also possible without Paypal account.
    Can I use two packs directly behind each other?
    Tooth Whitening
    We generally recommend a break between the 1st and 2nd pack. However, we know that many customers have used our white strips again without a break, without problems. If you feel hypersensitivity to the teeth or notice other problems, please stop using and give your teeth a break of 1 month at least. Please keep in mind that our White-Strips can not whiten your teeth indefinitely, because there are natural limits.